As a monk in an East Asian monastery in my early twenties, I was first introduced to authentic tea. It was an unforgettable experience. Thousands of cups later, I'm excited to share my passion for tea with you. Enjoy!
- Jason, Former Monk (1998-2003) & Founder of Five Mountains

There's an old legend that says all tea originally comes from five East Asian mountains: the North, South, East, West and Center Mountains. Therefore, we chose the name "Five Mountains" because it best represents our focus on traditional, unadulterated heirloom teas.

Five Mountains specializes in heirloom organic tea. These traditional tea cultivars are renowned for their quality, flavor profiles and health attributes. Each tea is harvested from gardens of their native origin to fully express their variety and terroir.

With an understanding of tea and its place in our environment, Five Mountains uses international organic certifications, biodiverse and sustainable growing methods, fully compostable packaging, and is a Fair Trade USA Licensed Partner.

The tradition of Five Mountains’ tea craft is rooted in a history with the tea cultures of East Asia’s tea mountains and monasteries.

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